Weird Worlds Subversive Science Fiction Stories

Author(s): Steve Carter

Graphic Novels

"Weird Worlds" is a graphic novel collection of surreal and subversive science-fiction stories by masters of the bizarre, S.C.A.R. (Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr). Contains seven strange and fantastical stories including: MS FEMISMO - Set in Australia after The Fall like the rest of the globe, this is a land besieged by highly adaptive hybrids, evolutionary descendants of genetic experiments created by terrorists during an apocalyptic religious war that devastated the world. THE FUGLIES - A pair of genetically enhanced girls go on a rampage of murder and cannibalistic mayhem while being chased by the authorities through a wilderness populated by savage genetic freaks and horrific mutations. HYBRIDOS - In a distant galaxy humans crash land on the lost planet of Hybridos. Radiation from a massive stellar event caused all lifeforms to continually mutate. For humanity to survive they will need to adapt to living amongst the every-changing lifeforms or become absorbed by the evolutions they battle against. UNWORLD - In the aeons before The Great Flood hybrid races and monstrous beasts lived upon The Earth alongside Mankind. A village of warrior Minotaurs find themselves under attack by an army of sorcerous amazons from the foreboding Mandragor Wood. WAR OF THE WINGED WARRIOR WOMEN - An isolated Earth colony on the distant world of Valkyrei is besieged by a race of indigenous winged amazons called the Drugylla. The colony's survival depends on Agent Gannon to identify a traitor who has been supplying the enemy with deadly, high-powered weapons. SCOURGE OF THE SWAMPIES - Based on their Award Winning screenplay (Curse of the Swampies), "Scourge of the Swampies" depicts a future world where the Swampies have swelled their number to plague proportions and humanity's reign upon the Earth is on the brink of toppling. HORRORHEADS - In the battle ravaged wastelands of a far-flung future, a trio of mercenaries is hired to rescue the son of a wealthy multinationalist who has been abducted by a clan of perverse and sadistic mutants.

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